Book arts, hand lettering, sketching

Book arts, hand lettering, sketching

Thursday, November 12, 2015

How many colors are in a Prang watercolor set? Many more than the actual set! This palette has 7 colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and brown). The eighth color is black which I rarely use but for these charts I mixed one of the seven colors with only a touch of black.

First make a chart of all the colors in the palette. Then make a card for each of the colors. Example: RED - each successive color on the red card is created by mixing equal parts of red with equal parts of the combining color.

I usually laminate the cards and make a small folio for them. This is a great way to acquaint yourself with color mixing and subtly learn to tune in to the colors around you. I use 90 lb.watercolor paper, either Arche Text Wove or Fabriano. They have a smooth side which works well for showing the color swatches and they are thin enough for laminating.

Try making color charts with any of your palettes. I've made several over the years - for gouache, acrylics, and any new palette combinations I start to use. Winsor Newton brand are my favorite watercolors but there are many equally lightfast and strong pigmented brands on the market.

Here are a few of the color charts from the Prang set.

Portfolio covers of previous color charts