Book arts, hand lettering, sketching

Book arts, hand lettering, sketching

Sunday, June 3, 2018

     I practice lettering everyday varying the tools. Sometimes I use calligraphy pen nibs - chiseled point such as a Brause, or Speedball, pointed pen nibs, or markers, or pencil to draw monoline letters, pressure sensitive letters, or more structured, architectural letters. Below are some pencil examples. These are not finished pieces but daily practice and experimentation. You may notice that the paper is thin. I'm working in 7 1/2"X 9" notebooks (graph paper, lined paper, or unlined paper such as the moleskin paper below). If you practice lettering for ten minutes at night you will notice a difference in your handwriting the next day. 

     I've studied lettering for forty years on my own and with national and international calligraphers through workshops at local calligraphy guilds and at the annual calligraphy conference. This on-going passion in lettering started when I was a child fascinated by the shapes, rhythms and patterns of letters and eventually found its way into more formal training. Once I learned several traditional hands (Italic, Roman, Foundational, Uncial, Versals) then I expanded my learning, and continue to do so, with other styles such as Neuland, Uncial variations, Weaver Writing, Dancing Capitals, Casual Capitals, Modern Versals and the list goes on. There is so much to learn and much fun in experimentation. Calligraphy is not limited to one style! 

     I use my lettering all the time in hand calligraphed envelopes, cards, handmade books, gifts, calligraphed banners, etc. It's a joy to add beauty to this world. My friends and family have a treasure trove of these gifts. Some have even collaged them into their own work. They take on a life of their own and keep the gift going. 

     In older posts on the this website you'll find drawings. The translation of shapes, patterns, and the quality of line also inform that art. There always was music in my family as I was growing up. Music (pattern, rhythm, nuance) again appear as I'm learning now to play classical guitar. 

Look, take time to really see, and you'll find a world of beauty all around you.